August 19, 2011

FroYo... Friend or Foe?

I LOVE FroYo. Love it. What is not to love? But does it love me back?
The search for the perfect FroYo is a a true challenge. Everyone has their personal preferences. I have gone through phases. Back in high school it was all about Tasti Delight . My friend Darlene and I spent many lunch periods trekking over to 92nd and 2nd to score a Tasti Delight treat for lunch. Very nutritious, obviously. Every flavor tasted the same, it was awesome. But over the years and after gaining exposure to the infamous Vermont Creemee, my love for good ol' Tasti D faded. Lately, I have been on a Pinkberry kick. Simple and delicious. Then again 16 Handles is pretty amazing too - you get to make your own FroYo! That place is dangerous though, every time I go in I end up spending at least $6 and eating a pound of junk food. Seriously, mine was a pound once, the lady was impressed.

So I ask again... FroYo, friend or foe? It is delicious and light, but yet still unhealthy. We justify eating it because it is fat free, but then top it with candy toppings that remove the nutritional value. It is a scam... kind of like diet soda. So should I be spending $5 on a treat that isn't actually healthy?

Hell yes, it is yummy. And it's definitely better than a lot of other crap I eat.

So I guess it is both friend and foe, my sweet little FroYo.

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