September 22, 2010


Tonight marks the official fall equinox. It is also going to be a full moon, quite a nice coincidence I think! A full moon can bring about funky behavior from people, but I quite enjoy it. I think it will bring good luck for the fall. Fall has always been my favorite season. Great things always happen in the fall - back to school season, halloween, my birthday and by far the best wardrobe of any season. There is nothing more beautiful than a sunny, crisp fall day.

When I was about 6 I wrote this poem about my favorite season:

In Fall the leaves fall and in Fall you know the next season is winter.

Well definitely not a poetic wonder, but it get's the point across.

September 16, 2010

The latest

So, I have been not so good at updating this blog so here is the latest.


Manners – I will touch on this again because apparently the citizens of New York, while they are a bunch of very intelligent people, seem to lack basic social decency. This morning a man (business man dressed in a suit, mind you) pushed me out of the way to get out of the train. I’m not sure how he was raised, but most people would consider this is very rude. First of all, I was in front of you, therefore I should get out first and second of all what ever happened to the concept of ladies first? Then after pushing me and shoving a few others out of the way he proceeded to walk very slow and got passed by everyone. Was that really necessary? Nope, didn’t think so.

While I’m on the subject of commuting… Every morning I walk through Grand Central on my way from the subway to my office. I have a total love-hate relationship with Grand Central Station. Obviously the hate side is rather obvious. There are always a million people and they are always all walking in different directions. You can never get anywhere because some one is always in your way and tramples your foot with their suit case. One of the best things is the view of the station from up above – it is quite a strange sight, it is like watching ants in an ant farm. Everyone is walking but they never seem to get anywhere, it is as if they are stuck in a glass case. Often when I come down the escalator after work I can’t help but giggle at the sight of all the people scurrying around, they look absolutely mad. Another thing I hate is the tourists. Yes, it is a beautiful place worthy of taking a photo, but why oh why must you do it during rush hour when people are trying to go to work? I always walk through their pictures on purpose. I wonder how many I have been tagged as “rando” in?
The love side – although I hate the crowds and the idiotic tourists I rather enjoy Grand Central (and midtown) because I truly feel like I am part of the working world, the New York scene. Every day on my lunch I like to walk around and people watch. There are so many different types of people out and everybody is co-existing together. It is nice to feel like I am a part of something.

It is funny how your life can change. I have been back in New York for a year now and my life has totally changed. It is nice to see how this can happen because when you are feeling down you never think you will be happy again, but if you give it time and have a positive attitude you will find happiness again. The key is to love yourself and to always think positive. If all else fails, simply follow the "The Optimist Creed." My boss has a copy on the wall by her desk and it really does help. Here is one of my favorite lines:

“Promise yourself to be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.”

August 2, 2010

Rabbit Rabbit

Remember as a kid when you would say "Rabbit Rabbit" at the beginning of every month to bring good luck? Being a kid was so silly and fun, I miss those days. I can’t believe it is already August – this summer is speeding by!

The Bachelorette
Like any normal girl I am obsessed with the show The Bachelor. There is just something about it that is so awful and yet you cannot stop watching. I literally find myself swept up in this show as if I am a part of it. The current season is The Bachelorette staring Ali Fedotowsky. She has selected her final two men out of the original twenty-five and tonight is the season finale – so excited! I really love both of the final two contestants and am so curious to see who she will pick or if she will end up alone. I read some article about the phenomenon of the Bachelor. Why are people so obsessed with it? The article said that unlike many reality shows which focus on break-ups and people pulling dangerous stunts, The Bachelor focuses on love. Women are drawn to this show because the ultimate goal is to find love - whether it happens or not is another story. I have to admit that the show is addictive and does give you hope that love is out there even if it is ridiculous to think you could find your husband on TV. So the trap has worked, I am hooked and like all other women in America I will be tuning in tonight along side friends at 249 Elderige Street to see which fine gentleman Ali chooses. I am team Chris, but of course if he ends up with Ali then he cannot be with me. Mrs. Beatrice Lambton - sure I think it has a good ring - haha!

There is nothing better than a weekend full of roof top parties, seeing old friends and making new ones and of course talking in the street until dawn. It is such a thrill to be young in New York City. There is so much to do and discover in this city. There are many new and exciting places to explore and of course if all else fails there is always good old Arlo & Esme as a fall-back, you know you’ll find some entertainment there, just watch out for the drunkies – they tend to spill a lot.

July 22, 2010


I have recently discovered a blog based on the very funny (and true) book. It is by far one of the funniest things I have ever read. Anything that combines sarcasm and making fun of ridiculous people and the things they do is something I cannot pass up. I would love to meet the person who writes this blog. They write here about camping. "Camping is a multi-day, multi-step, potentially lethal activity that will cost you a large amount of both time and money. Unless you are in some sort of position where you absolutely need the friendship of a white person, you should avoid camping at all costs." HAHA. This is only the beginning of the hillarity that awaits you. You must check it out now. Warning: you will get hooked!

July 15, 2010


I have just returned from a short but glorious trip to Bermuda. I went for four nights with my dad and my sister. We stayed at the Fairmont in Southampton. Bermuda is such a beautiful place. It is not in the Caribbean, but it has the same feel as the islands down there do. It is a very peaceful place – the people are all very friendly and you can tell that they are happy. Unlike most of the Caribbean islands, Bermuda is a very well-off place. The prices of houses and all goods are very expensive as they have to import everything – it is a tiny island (only 22 square miles long!) All of the houses are painted bright colors: pink, yellow, blue, green, orange, even the airport is pink! Paradise. I cannot wait to go back. We spent out three days there going to the beach, eating wonderful meals and watching many ridiculous drunk people dance the night away at the night club, The Cellar. Of course we drank some dark and stormys and rum swizzles too! We snorkeled and walked on the pink sand beaches and one night we went on a glass bottom boat tour of a some reefs and a ship wreck in the Bermuda Triangle. It was heavenly. If you get a chance, go to Bermuda, as soon as possible!

Now I am back to the hot city and back to the grind of life. Having a schedule feels good, but it is also nice to get away. For my next adventure I would love to explore Central and South America and I would also love to go to Thailand. There is so much of the world that is still so unfamiliar to me and I cannot wait to explore it.

June 18, 2010

What ever happened to manners?

I really do wonder this every day. People are so rude now a days that it is disgusting. The saddest part is that we as young adults of the 21st century are so jaded that we do not even notice the lack of basic human decency that we are receiving. We have become so accustomed to being treated badly that it makes a basic kind gesture seem shocking. This is not how the world should be. While I am a modern woman of my time in many ways, I still think there is a set a rules that people must follow. When you eat dinner at someone’s house you should eat what you are served no matter if you like it or not. When you get a gift or stay with someone for a few days you should write a thank you note. You should always put your napkin on your lap at dinner. You should help those less fortunate than you in whatever way that you can. Donate money, lend a hand or help out a sick person. These are just basic manners. The other day on her way to work my mother heard a lady cry out for help. She had fallen on the steps down to the subway and had twisted her ankle. Instead of just walking by like all of the other people did, my mom took a few minutes out of her day to help this lady. Together with the help of another good Samaritan they called her an ambulance and waited until she was in the hands of the EMS before continuing on to work. Even though she was on her way to work and a bit pressed for time she still took a few minutes to help someone else. This is what we should expect from other people, but sadly it is a rare commodity.
Another thing I’ve learned about the 21st century and people’s lack of manners is that people do not care. I went to Vermont at the end of May for UVM graduation and to catch up with old friends. A great time was had by all, I always enjoy being back in Vermont, it feels like home to me in many ways. I missed a lot of things about living there. One thing is did not miss, however, is the ignorance of many people there. Some people say that ignorance is bliss, well I disagree I believe ignorance is a lack of caring about others. There are people who are ignorant to the ways of the world - they may not have been exposed to much diversity and they are afraid of things that are different from what they know. This is not their fault but that does not mean it is okay to make inappropriate comments. At a friends party in Vermont one guy called another guy a name. It is a word I hate and I do not tolerate people saying it in my presence. I asked him kindly if he could refrain from saying that word in front of me to which he responded “it’s a regular part of my vocabulary, that is going to be very difficult,” and then he proceeded to use the word just to spite me. I don’t care who you are or how you were raised this is inexcusable. If someone is offended by something you say you just don’t say it that is called respect. Also you should not go around saying offensive comments try to look cool, it is not cool at all, it is pathetic and you should not get away with it.
Last weekend I met nothing but rude people everywhere – hopefully this weekend might bring about a more decent crowd – I won’t hold my breath!

June 1, 2010

Oh what a weekend!

Memorial day weekend always brings a lot of great things: it is the official kick-off of summer which brings about barbeques, days at the beach, time to catch up with old friends and of course hot weather. Summer in New York City is a unique experience, if you can stand the sweltering heat that is. The streets are buzzing with people who have finally come out of their winter hibernation - every sidewalk cafĂ© is packed and any roof top bar is the place to be on a weekend night. This year Memorial Day weekend also happened to overlap with fleet week. During the annual fleet week naval soldiers flood Manhattan in a quest to get drunk and meet girls. As a single girl living in New York fleet week is the ultimate experience to partake in. After all, what is cuter than a boy in uniform, right? This year my friend Natalie and I happened to meet some sailors. We were on our way to go out to our usual spot Arlo and Esme, a Lower East Side “fratastic” bar when we saw a sailor on the street. We decided to go up to him and ask him where he was going. He said he was going to meet some of his friends 230 Fifth, a famous (what else) roof top bar. He invited us to come along so of course we didn’t turn down the chance to check this place out. We arrived at 230 Fifth and saw a line around the block but of course Mark (the sailor) just walked right up to the bouncer who opened up the velvet rope and let us right in – it was like being escorted by a celebrity. The bar was as I expected it to be – overpriced and full of lots of tacky girls from outside of New York City. We still managed to have a good time and got to take pictures wearing the sailor’s hats! Fleet week was definitely a fun experience.
I have not spent a summer in New York for about five years. As much as I love the city, I hate the humidity that accompanies the summer heat. I have always been away for the summer working in Maine or Vermont, so now being in the city all summer working is going to be a new experience for me. It is only June 1st and it is already unbearably hot – it’s going to be a long summer, but I am going to make the best of it. Happy summer to all and may we all stay cool!

May 13, 2010


With frequent downtime at my current job, I have decided that it is time to start writing a blog. My wonderful friend Lindsey has a blog and it is most enjoyable to read. As I am new to this whole blog world, I am not sure what to write about so I guess I'll first explain the title of my blog. Bubbles: my mom's good friend Alison used to call me bubbles as a kid. I'm not sure why perhaps because I was bubbly, but the name seems to have stuck with me - I think it is an appropriate name for a blog - after all what is better than bubbles? They bring a smile to any one's face. As a kid I always kept a journal, I found one of them recently at my house in Connecticut one weekend. I was reading it and laughing at how consumed my life was with boys. It seemed that's all my life revolved around at 13. While it is always entertaining to gossip about boys, I hope that 11 years later I have a few more things to talk about as an educated young woman of the world. So, for the sake of this blog and the sanity of its readers (if there are any!) I am going to make a promise to focus on more grown-up issues and leave the boy drama for brunch. I have a few topics on my mind that I have been wanting to write about so here goes...

Unemployment: I truly feel sorry for anyone who is unemployed. Having nothing to do all day is truly the worst feeling in the world. In September I moved back to New York City from Vermont where I had spent a year working after graduating from college. I had just broken up with my boyfriend and I needed a fresh start. Where better to go then back home to New York with all my friends, right? Well yes, New York is the most exciting place to live and has so much to offer. It is also, however, one of the most expensive. After quitting my job and moving home I was faced with a new dilemma - unemployment. It was a very strange feeling knowing I had nothing to do all day, no schedule, I was free to do anything I wanted. At first it felt exhilarating after being so bogged down with school and work for 5 years, but after the first month of sleeping late, catching up with old friends and going out every night it started to get old. My money I had saved up from working was gone and it began to sink it that I was no longer getting a paycheck, it was back to being supported by my parents. I have always been very independent and this was a very hard thing to grasp. After a few weeks of boredom and tedious job hunting I really started to get frustrated. I would apply to close to thirty jobs a day - every kind of job, waitressing, retail, office jobs and I would never even hear back from people. It is the most depressing feeling. I was so depressed and unhappy. I am just as good a candidate as every other why would nobody call me? Eventually in February I started to get calls for interviews and was offered a job soon after. So to any unemployed person my advice is: do not give up! Something good will happen you just have to be persistent and patient, as hard as that is. Also you have to be creative... pick up a side job babysitting or dog walking it will l help pass the time and get you a little spending money. Stay strong, you are fabulous do not let the recession get you down.

Apartments: My friend Natalie and I are currently looking for an apartment together. New York City is so expensive. It is insane. Last night we viewed an apartment on 12th street in the East Village. It was so tiny. While small can be cozy, this was just unlivable. There was not a single closet in the entire apartment and the rooms were barely big enough to fit a bed. This shoe box was $2400/month... wow, what a deal! (Not!) And the search continues... Hopefully soon we'll find something good.

Subway: Dear Subway Riders of New York City,
I have enough anxiety being smushed next to strangers in a confined area at 8:00 am, so why do you find it necessary to push your way in to the car before people have gotten off? This really bugs me. It is just basic manners, and is totally unnecessary because you will have nowhere to stand. Also, when you have been patiently waiting for a seat and someone pushes you out of the way to get that seat, this is considered bad form. And lastly, for the sake of all the people around you, please take a shower! This is just basic hygiene. Thank you.

I hope my blog has been enjoyable. There will be lots more to come.