May 13, 2010


With frequent downtime at my current job, I have decided that it is time to start writing a blog. My wonderful friend Lindsey has a blog and it is most enjoyable to read. As I am new to this whole blog world, I am not sure what to write about so I guess I'll first explain the title of my blog. Bubbles: my mom's good friend Alison used to call me bubbles as a kid. I'm not sure why perhaps because I was bubbly, but the name seems to have stuck with me - I think it is an appropriate name for a blog - after all what is better than bubbles? They bring a smile to any one's face. As a kid I always kept a journal, I found one of them recently at my house in Connecticut one weekend. I was reading it and laughing at how consumed my life was with boys. It seemed that's all my life revolved around at 13. While it is always entertaining to gossip about boys, I hope that 11 years later I have a few more things to talk about as an educated young woman of the world. So, for the sake of this blog and the sanity of its readers (if there are any!) I am going to make a promise to focus on more grown-up issues and leave the boy drama for brunch. I have a few topics on my mind that I have been wanting to write about so here goes...

Unemployment: I truly feel sorry for anyone who is unemployed. Having nothing to do all day is truly the worst feeling in the world. In September I moved back to New York City from Vermont where I had spent a year working after graduating from college. I had just broken up with my boyfriend and I needed a fresh start. Where better to go then back home to New York with all my friends, right? Well yes, New York is the most exciting place to live and has so much to offer. It is also, however, one of the most expensive. After quitting my job and moving home I was faced with a new dilemma - unemployment. It was a very strange feeling knowing I had nothing to do all day, no schedule, I was free to do anything I wanted. At first it felt exhilarating after being so bogged down with school and work for 5 years, but after the first month of sleeping late, catching up with old friends and going out every night it started to get old. My money I had saved up from working was gone and it began to sink it that I was no longer getting a paycheck, it was back to being supported by my parents. I have always been very independent and this was a very hard thing to grasp. After a few weeks of boredom and tedious job hunting I really started to get frustrated. I would apply to close to thirty jobs a day - every kind of job, waitressing, retail, office jobs and I would never even hear back from people. It is the most depressing feeling. I was so depressed and unhappy. I am just as good a candidate as every other why would nobody call me? Eventually in February I started to get calls for interviews and was offered a job soon after. So to any unemployed person my advice is: do not give up! Something good will happen you just have to be persistent and patient, as hard as that is. Also you have to be creative... pick up a side job babysitting or dog walking it will l help pass the time and get you a little spending money. Stay strong, you are fabulous do not let the recession get you down.

Apartments: My friend Natalie and I are currently looking for an apartment together. New York City is so expensive. It is insane. Last night we viewed an apartment on 12th street in the East Village. It was so tiny. While small can be cozy, this was just unlivable. There was not a single closet in the entire apartment and the rooms were barely big enough to fit a bed. This shoe box was $2400/month... wow, what a deal! (Not!) And the search continues... Hopefully soon we'll find something good.

Subway: Dear Subway Riders of New York City,
I have enough anxiety being smushed next to strangers in a confined area at 8:00 am, so why do you find it necessary to push your way in to the car before people have gotten off? This really bugs me. It is just basic manners, and is totally unnecessary because you will have nowhere to stand. Also, when you have been patiently waiting for a seat and someone pushes you out of the way to get that seat, this is considered bad form. And lastly, for the sake of all the people around you, please take a shower! This is just basic hygiene. Thank you.

I hope my blog has been enjoyable. There will be lots more to come.