April 15, 2011

I’m From BoCoCa… Bitch!

Yesterday my roommate, the lovely Miss Jennifer Seley sent me the link to an article from the newspaper AM New York called "You live where? Inside the neighborhood name game." It basically poked fun at the names that have been assigned to certain neighborhoods in New York City. There is of course the most famous neighborhood abbreviation SoHo – which stands for South of Houston street which has been around for years. In the past few years, however, realtors have taken this neighborhood "name game" to a whole new level by inventing new "catchy" abbreviations in order to boost popularity of certain neighborhoods. While some of these new names have stuck, like FiDi (Financial District) and SpaHa (Spanish Harlem - which I personally love the sound of - seriously!) - most have been very short lived. According to this article, some of these lovely new "inventions" include: MiMA (Midtown Manhattan), WaHI (Washington Heights/Inwood), ProCro (Prospect Heights/Crown Heights), BoCoCa( my "hood" - Boerum Hill/ Cobble Hill/ Carroll Gardens) and my favorite in the list- RAMBO (Right After the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) – I kid you not!!! First of all, this is not a neighborhood! Second of all, what did they expect people to say? "RAMBO! THAT’S BAD ASS I WANT TO LIVE THERE?!?" ... Yeah, didn’t think so.

So I guess all I have to say is… I’m From BoCoCa, Bitch!

I bet when my parents bought our house in 1981 they had no idea that it would ever become a cool enough place to take on a name like BoCoCa - too bad they didn’t live in RAMBO, maybe next time!

Tomorrow I will venture to Brooklyn for a friend’s birthday party, so In the spirit of being creative, I made up my own neighborhood name for the most hip one of all – WiBu (Williamsburg/Bushwick). Keep it on the DL though, or the hipsters might try to steal it.

It’s been real my friends.

Until next time, the "NoMad" gal. (It’s my current neighborhood’s name – look it up.)

Check out the whole article here: http://www.amny.com/urbanite-1.812039/you-live-where-inside-the-neighborhood-name-game-1.2817059

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  1. No, RAMBO is not a neighborhood. We all love WiBu.