September 16, 2010

The latest

So, I have been not so good at updating this blog so here is the latest.


Manners – I will touch on this again because apparently the citizens of New York, while they are a bunch of very intelligent people, seem to lack basic social decency. This morning a man (business man dressed in a suit, mind you) pushed me out of the way to get out of the train. I’m not sure how he was raised, but most people would consider this is very rude. First of all, I was in front of you, therefore I should get out first and second of all what ever happened to the concept of ladies first? Then after pushing me and shoving a few others out of the way he proceeded to walk very slow and got passed by everyone. Was that really necessary? Nope, didn’t think so.

While I’m on the subject of commuting… Every morning I walk through Grand Central on my way from the subway to my office. I have a total love-hate relationship with Grand Central Station. Obviously the hate side is rather obvious. There are always a million people and they are always all walking in different directions. You can never get anywhere because some one is always in your way and tramples your foot with their suit case. One of the best things is the view of the station from up above – it is quite a strange sight, it is like watching ants in an ant farm. Everyone is walking but they never seem to get anywhere, it is as if they are stuck in a glass case. Often when I come down the escalator after work I can’t help but giggle at the sight of all the people scurrying around, they look absolutely mad. Another thing I hate is the tourists. Yes, it is a beautiful place worthy of taking a photo, but why oh why must you do it during rush hour when people are trying to go to work? I always walk through their pictures on purpose. I wonder how many I have been tagged as “rando” in?
The love side – although I hate the crowds and the idiotic tourists I rather enjoy Grand Central (and midtown) because I truly feel like I am part of the working world, the New York scene. Every day on my lunch I like to walk around and people watch. There are so many different types of people out and everybody is co-existing together. It is nice to feel like I am a part of something.

It is funny how your life can change. I have been back in New York for a year now and my life has totally changed. It is nice to see how this can happen because when you are feeling down you never think you will be happy again, but if you give it time and have a positive attitude you will find happiness again. The key is to love yourself and to always think positive. If all else fails, simply follow the "The Optimist Creed." My boss has a copy on the wall by her desk and it really does help. Here is one of my favorite lines:

“Promise yourself to be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.”

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