August 2, 2010

Rabbit Rabbit

Remember as a kid when you would say "Rabbit Rabbit" at the beginning of every month to bring good luck? Being a kid was so silly and fun, I miss those days. I can’t believe it is already August – this summer is speeding by!

The Bachelorette
Like any normal girl I am obsessed with the show The Bachelor. There is just something about it that is so awful and yet you cannot stop watching. I literally find myself swept up in this show as if I am a part of it. The current season is The Bachelorette staring Ali Fedotowsky. She has selected her final two men out of the original twenty-five and tonight is the season finale – so excited! I really love both of the final two contestants and am so curious to see who she will pick or if she will end up alone. I read some article about the phenomenon of the Bachelor. Why are people so obsessed with it? The article said that unlike many reality shows which focus on break-ups and people pulling dangerous stunts, The Bachelor focuses on love. Women are drawn to this show because the ultimate goal is to find love - whether it happens or not is another story. I have to admit that the show is addictive and does give you hope that love is out there even if it is ridiculous to think you could find your husband on TV. So the trap has worked, I am hooked and like all other women in America I will be tuning in tonight along side friends at 249 Elderige Street to see which fine gentleman Ali chooses. I am team Chris, but of course if he ends up with Ali then he cannot be with me. Mrs. Beatrice Lambton - sure I think it has a good ring - haha!

There is nothing better than a weekend full of roof top parties, seeing old friends and making new ones and of course talking in the street until dawn. It is such a thrill to be young in New York City. There is so much to do and discover in this city. There are many new and exciting places to explore and of course if all else fails there is always good old Arlo & Esme as a fall-back, you know you’ll find some entertainment there, just watch out for the drunkies – they tend to spill a lot.

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