June 18, 2010

What ever happened to manners?

I really do wonder this every day. People are so rude now a days that it is disgusting. The saddest part is that we as young adults of the 21st century are so jaded that we do not even notice the lack of basic human decency that we are receiving. We have become so accustomed to being treated badly that it makes a basic kind gesture seem shocking. This is not how the world should be. While I am a modern woman of my time in many ways, I still think there is a set a rules that people must follow. When you eat dinner at someone’s house you should eat what you are served no matter if you like it or not. When you get a gift or stay with someone for a few days you should write a thank you note. You should always put your napkin on your lap at dinner. You should help those less fortunate than you in whatever way that you can. Donate money, lend a hand or help out a sick person. These are just basic manners. The other day on her way to work my mother heard a lady cry out for help. She had fallen on the steps down to the subway and had twisted her ankle. Instead of just walking by like all of the other people did, my mom took a few minutes out of her day to help this lady. Together with the help of another good Samaritan they called her an ambulance and waited until she was in the hands of the EMS before continuing on to work. Even though she was on her way to work and a bit pressed for time she still took a few minutes to help someone else. This is what we should expect from other people, but sadly it is a rare commodity.
Another thing I’ve learned about the 21st century and people’s lack of manners is that people do not care. I went to Vermont at the end of May for UVM graduation and to catch up with old friends. A great time was had by all, I always enjoy being back in Vermont, it feels like home to me in many ways. I missed a lot of things about living there. One thing is did not miss, however, is the ignorance of many people there. Some people say that ignorance is bliss, well I disagree I believe ignorance is a lack of caring about others. There are people who are ignorant to the ways of the world - they may not have been exposed to much diversity and they are afraid of things that are different from what they know. This is not their fault but that does not mean it is okay to make inappropriate comments. At a friends party in Vermont one guy called another guy a name. It is a word I hate and I do not tolerate people saying it in my presence. I asked him kindly if he could refrain from saying that word in front of me to which he responded “it’s a regular part of my vocabulary, that is going to be very difficult,” and then he proceeded to use the word just to spite me. I don’t care who you are or how you were raised this is inexcusable. If someone is offended by something you say you just don’t say it that is called respect. Also you should not go around saying offensive comments try to look cool, it is not cool at all, it is pathetic and you should not get away with it.
Last weekend I met nothing but rude people everywhere – hopefully this weekend might bring about a more decent crowd – I won’t hold my breath!

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